We are still open at the (disinfected!) Ogden and Layton ReStores!  Anyone can Donate anyone can come in to purchase!  Do some DIY projects while you wait out this quarantine!
1. Time to get that second kitchen in for all the upcoming canning in August? For the kids returning home during this crazy time?  Come and get a stove!
2.  Nope, that mirror does NOT have a crack, it is reflecting the floor, showing how well it really works!  Do you have a guest room that needs to be completed?  This would look great in there!
3.  Gorgeous Hutch.  When you first look at it, it looks like a mantle….so take out the backing and put it around your fireplace! Or, just use it as an awesome, tall hutch…
4. Perhaps that half bath needs to go in now.  You know you have been waiting to put that in so here’s the chance to get the sink and vanity at a great low price! 
5. Armoire for that guest room you have been waiting to create!  Or, use it to hold all of the fabric in your craft room!  Would hold a lot of nice antique quilts or many batts of (color coordinated) fabric. 
oooooo the possibilities…!!